About Me

This is a little hint as to why the blog is called Through the Ivy Covered Window.  My summer view.

Through The Ivy Covered Window is a blog for makers. It’s where I journal about  the projects that I’ve made, and how I share great ideas, inspiration, and works in progress. Come into my virtual craft room and see what I’m working on. Sometimes things work out beautifully and sometimes things turn out less than perfect (in which case I’ll just tell you what not to do). I’m motivated by ideas, so I collect a lot of them on my Pinterest boards under the same name.  I hope something catches your eye and gives you the inspiration to make something new.

I’m a midwest girl who is discovering life through quilting, sewing, cooking, gardening, organization, reading, teaching and now through Blogging.

A book a cup of tea and my two Yorkshire terriers, Buttons on the left and Corduroy on the right. They are my constant companions in the quilt room. I’m not sure who loves quilting more, me or them?

I have been sewing, quilting, crafting, painting, gardening, cooking, and decorating most of my life. I’m a maker. I make things for the ones I love. When friends saw my homemade crafts, they wanted to make similar items. So, I began teaching in my community. It’s rewarding to share ideas and experience enriched relationships. I also had the opportunity to work as a Sales Educator for Handi Quilter a leading manufacturer of Quilting and Sewing Machines. I was able to travel all over the United States meeting and teaching sewist’s and learning about products and techniques that I use in my daily sewing.

Most recently I became a Master Gardener. I love being outside growing and maintaining flowers and herbs. I also volunteer in community gardens.

The relationship I value most is with my husband. I’ve been married to my best friend for a quarter of a century and together we have two grown daughters who also qualify as my best friends. I adore making things with my daughters.

My response to many of life’s blessing’s or problem’s is – to make something.

Have a question or comment? You can contact me here.