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Quilting tip~In search of matching fabric

We all have our own creative process. For me, color and fabric are the spark to my creative plan. I’m called to color first. Then I find a pattern that will enhance the fabrics that I picked. It takes time to come up with the right project and sometimes months go by before I make all the decisions and complete something. Since I usually buy fabric, and then find a pattern, I don’t always have enough fabric to complete my project. That’s a problem. My tip is to collect some scraps from your project and sew or clip together. I usually keep them in a plastic bag inside my purse or car. My little bundles of scraps are ready to be matched up during my travels.

Does this fabric scrap bundle look familiar? Its from my blog post about the Moda Love layer Cake quilt

I had this not so little stack around for a few months. I wanted a backing and a border fabric, but settled for only backing fabric. I picked a white backing fabric with a small floral print in similar colors. I found the fabric I needed about an hour from home.

I have some favorite fabrics in this scrap bundle. I used new and old fabrics to complete the quilt top . Look for the quilt in a future blog post.


The pastel bundle came from a quilt that I made later in 2019. I had the bundle with me when I traveled to different quilts shops in the United States. I was lucky to find backing fabric in Pennsylvania. If I didn’t travel with my scraps I would probably have more difficulty finding the right colors. Please look for the finished quilt in a future blog post.

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