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Quilting tip~In search of matching fabric

We all have our own creative process. For me, color and fabric are the spark to my creative plan. I'm called to color first. Then I find a pattern that will enhance the fabrics that I picked. It takes time to come up with the right project and sometimes months go by before I make… Continue reading Quilting tip~In search of matching fabric

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The Answer for me is a little Woven Tag

The subject of labeling or signing ones work, is often discussed in the makers community. I’ve been to many quilt shows, guild meetings and art fairs where the artist creates such a cute label we stop to talk about how they came up with the idea. I've never been fond of really large labels on… Continue reading The Answer for me is a little Woven Tag

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Quilter Tip ~ Keeping my Binding secure as I stitch

  One of my favorite aspects of the quilt process is attaching the binding. Its like the home stretch of a long race. I can enjoy peacefully crossing the finish line one stitch at a time. I usually use things around the house to make that job a little easier. In a lot of my… Continue reading Quilter Tip ~ Keeping my Binding secure as I stitch

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Quilter tip ~ Use a mini quilt or Placemat as a landing spot for tools

When I'm working on a quilt I like to keep my tools on a quilted placemat. It's easy to reach items and I can put them back and nothing rolls off onto floor. In a future post, I'll show how I made these useful placemats.

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Letting Go

  Letting go of the past and looking toward the future sometimes means giving up formerly cherished items. I amassed years of quilting and sewing magazines and they took up a lot of my work space. I needed to make a change and come to grips with letting go of something that I valued -… Continue reading Letting Go