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The Answer for me is a little Woven Tag

The subject of labeling or signing ones work, is often discussed in the makers community. I’ve been to many quilt shows, guild meetings and art fairs where the artist creates such a cute label we stop to talk about how they came up with the idea. I’ve never been fond of really large labels on the back of quilts. I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to putting a signature on anything. I want the work to speak for itself and just wink back at the maker. I always thought a garment tag would be the perfect size for my work, but how to find a company that will make small batches of tags just for me? The search was on.

The answer for me is a little woven tag.

Until now, I had never made my own label. I found a tag that is the perfect way for me to sign my work. It will help me be remembered when giving a gift, or if one of my projects get lost the tag will help identify me as the maker. It is a woven label, similar to what is used in the garment industry. I am infatuated with the neat small size of my personal labels. I plan on fastening these to all of my projects during construction. I was so excited to try them out that I used heat activated adhesive to adhere my woven tags to already finished items. The Company that I purchased tags from also sells adhesive tags which I have ordered in two more colors. I’m going to “Let My Goodness Shine” with beautiful woven labels from the Dutch Label Shop. Lucky for me but also lucky for you the Dutch Label Shop is going to offer a 15% discount code to all of my blog readers. If you are interested in making your own tags, click on Dutch Label Shop and enter the code when prompted during your purchase process (in all lower case letters) throughtheivycoveredwindow15. The discount will be active through the first week of June, 2018.

Look for how I use my custom tags in future blog posts. I think you will see them a lot.

Whenever I try a product that’s useful or solves a problem I will include the information in a blog post.

Look at all that label goodness in a tiny silver dish. That’s 100 labels. Storage will not be a problem.
I plan on sewing labels to all of my quilt backings during the construction phase. In this case my scrappy table runner was already completed, and being displayed on a coffee table in my studio space. It’s not to late for me to add a white with silver lettering, “Through the Ivy Covered Window” tag. It’s just the right finishing touch. Don’t you think?
Tucked inside the pleated bag is one of my new tags! It looks so clean and professional. I can’t  wait to make more bags.
I’m looking forward to making my next gift with a beautiful, professional looking designer tag. Because I’m the designer. Just read the tag .

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