Hydrangea Appliqué Part One

The start of a new project is an exciting endeavor. The part I love most is the development of the idea and the gathering of supplies. My process is intuitive, so I am open to change as the project progresses. Inspiration is everywhere, which makes it hard for me to focus on one thing and bring it to fruition. This post is an exercise in my dedication to design and completion of an Appliqué quilt.

This is the beginning.

Usually, I have completed the project before I post in the blog. Why do I do this, you wonder? It gives me the option of abandoning a project if I lose interest, or if the result is less than satisfactory. Nobody would know I gave up. Now I have no option to abandon. You’re all part of it. Let’s begin together.

A photo from my garden is the inspiration for an appliqué quilt. To be original in every way, I have to start with my own content.
On a sunny day, I taped the photo and an overlay of freezer paper to a window. I trace and sometimes simplify the shapes for easier appliqué.
A closer look at floral tracing gives you an idea of the complexity of the appliqué pieces.
Patience and a permanent marker are the tools I use, to trace, and eventually number hundreds of pieces. See why I sometimes like to abandon a project. I can’t help but lose interest or find something new I want to pursue. But no. I invited you on the journey with me . We have to finish. You have to encourage me.
Several motifs are outlined. I think I have plenty to work with . I Have the ingredients to create a composition of my garden. Also in the photo is another vinyl overlay that was marked with permanent marker. All of the pieces will have a color code, number code and be cut with a seam allowance.

Today I’m going to code all the pieces. Then I can choose fabrics! Colors! Fun! Along the way color, shapes and content of composition will be edited . I hope you stick with me as I work through my creative process. I bet together we will acquire skill and knowledge. Let’s hope, anyway.

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