Quilting Tip’s

Quilter Tip ~ Keeping my Binding secure as I stitch


One of my favorite aspects of the quilt process is attaching the binding. Its like the home stretch of a long race. I can enjoy peacefully crossing the finish line one stitch at a time.

I usually use things around the house to make that job a little easier. In a lot of my pictures you will probably spy a few children’s hair clips holding my folded binding in place. I put a clip where I begin stitching and two more clips about ten inches from where I’m heading with my stitching.

I recently bought some new clips that are specifically designed for quilting. I had the opportunity to try the clips during a sewing class last fall.  I hope that they work as good as my inexpensive children’s hair clips. Similar clips are sold in quilt shops and craft stores. I ordered mine from Amazon.

A children’s hair clip secures my folded binding in place. While I’m taking a break from stitching I secure my needle and thread under the clip. I always know where the needle is when I get back to stitching. It’s an added safety measure because I don’t want to accidentally be on the wrong end of the needle.
I usually place two clips ahead of my stitching . I find that folding the binding in place gives the fabric a little memory and I don’t have to struggle with keeping it in place. I move the clips down the quilt as I stitch. I don’t put clips all around the perimeter of the quilt. I only use about three or four no matter the size of the quilt.
The new clips. I think I’ll  get a lot of use out these. Will they be as good as my inexpensive children’s hair clips? I’m sure they will be great. The fit is snug and they come in pretty colors. I can color coordinate the clips and my quilts. Ha ha
A big bowl of clippy goodness.




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