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Come Sail Away

I was asked to make this baby boy quilt for my daughter to give to a particular friend. I hoped, as I always do, that it was going to be a collaboration between me and my daughter. It didn’t quite work out that way. She had a vague idea of what she wanted and although I tried to get her opinion on colors and design she wasn’t that interested in participating. I was on my own .

I knew the mother-to-be was expecting a boy. My current color crush was on light grey. I’ve always lived near water. Water is a source of inspiration. So of course modern, simple, clean, and an impressionistic idea of sailing, brought about my design.

The photo story starts after the quilt was pieced. It’s fresh. It’s modern. It was made to be loved by a little boy.

I make Kid quilts, to be washed a lot, and hopefully worn out with love and use. It’s my hope that good construction will bring years of comfort to the baby. I used 100% cotton fabric, 100% cotton batting, and 100% cotton 40 weight thread.  Here is a link to the digital design from Anne Bright Designs, called Goldilocks.

Come sail away. Come sail away. Come sail away with me.

Color selection is always my start point.
Lights and darks create the impression of sails.
In order to further the impression of lakes or oceans I picked an edge to edge pattern that curled like waves.
Can’t miss the theme when anchor motif’s adorn the baby blue fabric.
The challenge when your fabrics change from light to dark, the motif shape and scale change dramatically, from half square triangle to half square triangle, is to choose a proper thread color. In order for my quilt design to be seen evenly across my quilt top I needed a color that could show in all the fabrics. I chose a 40 weight light medium blue thread that would have enough visual impact to be seen across all the color changes in the fabric.
Yet another fabric for the back of the quilt. Hand stitching the binding to the quilt backing . I always like this part of the project. On this occasion, I was able to sit outside and enjoy a summer night. Lots of light .
I use 50 or 60 weight Aurifil thread to bind. It’s perfectly strong. I’ve never had a stitch rip out. I like my hand stitching to sink in to the fold and become invisible.
I prefer to use a small needle for the task.
Lit by the sunshine! Oh the quilting looks so pretty.
There are so many detailed decisions to make when you design a project. It’s here when you admire your handiwork, that you discover if your choices worked to benefit the quilt. Did the density of my edge to edge work with the multiple scale changes in my scrappy fabric? Can you see the edge to edge evenly across all the color changes? I think it all worked.
I can see my stitching in grey, navy, white, zig zag, and polka dot fabric. That was my desired outcome.
It reads happy to me. That’s the message of love I wanted to send .
Texture is always amplified after the quilt is washed . In side lighting the texture is almost irresistible to the touch.
One last photo before I had to say good-bye to my sailing baby quilt. Next came wrapping, then off to a baby shower.

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