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February Features Hearts in the Art and Craft World

I’ve never been a fan of hearts in my quilts or crafts, but even I can make an exception. About 20 years ago I made this little quilt with my first daughter in mind. What can I say people around me, inspire my fabric choices. My daughters have always been a source of inspiration for my creative endeavors.

In the month of February it’s, almost mandatory to make something that winks at the Valentines celebrations happening around us. So I’m featuring this little wall quilt . After all its an oldie but a goodie. Sometimes it hangs over a cupboard door. Sometimes it decorates a bedroom. Today I pinned it to another quilt in order to photograph it, and when I unpin it, it’s going to get rolled in a basket for storage. I like to change up the decorations that surround me.

Now I think its time to indulge in some chocolate.

I folded a piece of paper in half and drew a little heart shape.
I used a fabric adhesive on the back of 9 pink fabrics. Each heart was ironed onto a blue background fabric and sewn into a nine patch block. Notice the echo quilting around the heart shape. All hand stitched.
Cream and blue floral borders were added to finish the quilt top. After the quilt was layered with matching backing fabric and cotton batting it was hand quilted by me. Notice the hand quilting stencil that I used. It was hearts and connecting rainbows. Wow that is so  cutesy, I can hardly stand it . Remember this was during the decade of the front porch goose with a wardrobe. Yes people dressed up their geese statue’s in clothing, usually bought at craft fairs held in local middle schools.
My wink at a valentine quilt. Hand quilted because that’s  how I started my quilting journey.

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