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Something Pink for Someone Little

I love to celebrate new life with a little something homemade.

I didn’t have much time according to the baby shower invitation. Time is subjective to a Quilter . We need a lot of it, to do what we do!  Beside’s my time restraint, I didn’t know the new mother well. I didn’t know the nursery decor, or their favorite colors.

This is what I came up with. Pink, grey and white for a soft 100% cotton (fabric, batting and thread) baby quilt. Since it was being made for a young mother, I would keep the design simple, clean, modern. The soft color palette was so gentle and calming . I wanted to decorate a nursery to match.

My desire was to create the perfect little quilt, to lay a sweet little new-born on, for a first photo or a dreamy snuggle nap.

Simple to put together a central pink square surrounded by a grey polka dot border . Another stripe border surrounds the polka dots and it was bound with yet another grey fabric. I love when I can hide a seam line within a stripe. It practically disappeared in the border stripe.
Wow that came together fast. I’ll add more complexity in the quilted designs.
The quilting became the interesting aspect of the quilt. I began the design from the center square to the outer borders. I picked a floral wreath and placed it in the center of the large pink square. In each of the four corners of the pink square, I stitched a half portion of the same wreath. That left me with a lot of open space. Don’t worry, I just got out a Longarm ruler and stitched horizontal line’s behind the floral wreath. Then I stitched vertical  lines behind the half wreath motif ‘s.
I picked a design that resembles ribbons in the corners of the first border. It looked so beautiful after it was quilted and washed .
The rest of the first grey border was quilted in an orange peel design. Great texture and a change of patterns makes it a more interesting quilt.
Notice the stripe border has two design elements . The first is a curved double swag that continues around the quilt. The second is a straight line design, often referred too as a piano key border.
The central design was a beautiful floral wreath. I surrounded the wreath design with straight lines reminiscent or the piano key border.
A view while on the frame. Great texture changes with all the quilted design choices.
I loved the color palette. If you look to the right of the photo you can see the vertical and horizontal lines that framed the floral motifs.
The ruler work supported the floral motifs by making them stand out a little more.
I enjoyed making the baby quilt in a subdued pink, grey, and white color palette. Grey was repeated in four baby quilts that I made last year. You will see the next two quilts featured in a future post. I loved gifting the quilt to a newborn girl. From what I hear she loves it too.
Hand stitching the binding with my favorite Roxanne thimble. The color palette was subdued so the quilting became the star of the project. If you look above my hand, you can see a swirling curl design used in the corners of the stripe border.

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