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Letting Go


Still smiling after Taking stacks and stacks of magazines to the car. It’s follow through day !

Letting go of the past and looking toward the future sometimes means giving up formerly cherished items. I amassed years of quilting and sewing magazines and they took up a lot of my work space. I needed to make a change and come to grips with letting go of something that I valued – information.

I often looked through my collection of periodicals for inspiration. Sometimes I have dry creative moments, and need to look in the past to come up with ideas for future projects. Today’s heavily documented computer/media world allows us to see beautiful images current and past, twenty-four hours a day. Designer’s who blog, often give sneak peaks of what they’re producing in advance of the magazines. In order to have a more productive work space I had to declutter. After all I wasn’t going to miss any information.

After making a decision to let go and recover some of my valuable shelf space. I contacted quilting/sewing guilds, retirement homes, chruch groups and others to offer magazines. You know what I found out? People didn’t want them! My cherished, beloved periodical’s had little value to others. Let’s face it. Magazines are time sensitive. Nobody wants to store out dated materials. Boo hoo. I was only able to give away a small groupings of magazines to crafters in my area. So to the recycling center I went.

Let me also mention that I set a date for myself. I would follow through on a chosen day and take all the magazines that were not given to friends or guilds to the recycling center.

Then I reorganized my storage. I now had space options. Did I mention, I had a shipment of Superior Threads coming? The thread shipment arrival date, helped me set the completion date, for recycling and reorganization. It also softened the blow of giving up something I loved, for something that I would use.

If you recently let go of something and reorganized, leave a comment. I’m always interested in hearing about your sewing or quilting spaces.


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