Buttons and Corduroy · quilting · Sewing

Crafty Companions

 I spend a lot of time in my quilting space. I usually have playful companions near by. The boys like being a part of the creative process by knocking things off tables, getting onto my sewing desk, or begging to share my chair. Besides binding a quilt, they enjoy laying on blocks that are arranged on the floor. Or testing the loftyness of batting brands. They love sleeping on Handi Quilter tote bags and sometimes getting inside the bag for a wrestling match.

They bring a smile to my face most of the time. I’m sure you will get to know them as the blog grows, because it would be hard to keep them out of it.

Seated on the scrappy quilt is Corduroy, he is responsible for most of the chatter and knocking things off of tables to get attention. In the feature photo, and on the top of the white chaise, you can see Buttons. He is an excellent watch dog with ears that never rest and a deep respect for all things quilty.

Block placement matters to this guy.
Buttons and Corduroy

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