A gift idea for Mother’s Day

I have two special people in my life that I want to honor. I needed an idea for Mother’s Day Gifts. I came up with a theme of enjoying a cup of tea in the garden.

I purchased a few items in accordance with that idea, and it came together in a one stop shopping trip. I went to Walmart and found everything that I needed to fill a vessel. I picked a tin, but a basket would have been perfect too.

The tins I picked came from the summer entertaining area. After I found a good size vessel I went to the garden department for a rose bush, garden gloves and a bird feeder. From there I headed to the beauty department for some Burts Bees products. Get it? Bee’s! The perfect garden themed skin care line. After picking some skin care products I headed to the home goods area. I found a flowered mug for each special Mom.

I began the project by cleaning up the gift items. Things get a little dusty on store shelves. So…a little hot soapy water for the mugs and tins and some glass cleaner to wipe clean all the bottles and tubes. Now I can assemble the gifts!

Step one.
I reused crumpled tissue to line the bottom of the tins.
Step two
The next layer is a little filler grass. Green for one tin and blue for the other.
Step three.
When the filler is in place you can add the largest items like the rose bush, bird feeder and a mug. I added tissue paper and some individually wrapped tea bags into each mug.
Step four.
Add the beauty products. In this case I found lotions, soaps, body wash and lip balms.
Step five.
All finished. Both tins have almost identical products . Maybe I should add some ribbon and a card? Back to the store for me.
Wow so cute! I’m ready to honor some Moms with a thoughtful gift that I think they will enjoy.

I layered all the items into the tins. I watered the roses and wrapped the bottoms of the rose containers in plastic, to protect the tin and beauty items from getting wet. I may have to water the roses again before I give as gifts.

I think my special Moms will enjoy their porches a little more with a mug of tea and some garden goodness. I hope this helps you come up with a perfect gift for the special Moms in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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