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Christmas Vignette

It worked out that I could host another craft night.  That’s two in a row! I invited a couple of friends that I knew would love the idea of setting up a Christmas scene in glass.


 I gathered lots of items from past craft adventures and bought a few inexpensive items to add to the variety. I made appetizers and my girlfriends brought delicious food too. It was a celebration full of laughs and crafts! I named it Winter Craft 2018 . I cant wait to see what happens in 2019.

Paint, Mod Podge, little village houses, lights, clear plastic trees, bottle brush trees, sparkles, paint brushes, foam brush, bells, string, moss, epsom salt for snow to name a few.

I found the perfect size jars on the clearance shelf at a local Joann’s craft store.

My best options for snow were epsom salt and Christmas village snow that I had from years past. I also pulled out sheet moss and sphagnum moss for the bottom of the jars. I liked the idea of layering my winter scene.

I used Mod Podge to adhere icy glitter to the outside of my village piece. Note to self, stop buying Mod Padge or craft a lot more!

You can see the brightly painted inexpensive village houses that I used for the project. I whitewashed the house to give a frosty appearance.

To achieve the winter icy look for my farm village piece I white washed the barn with a mix of white  and grey acrylic paint mixed with a few drops of water. I wiped off the paint with a paper towel until it had the look I was after. I repeated the process a few times . I used white acrylic paint on the areas that represented snow. After my farm piece dried I used a foam brush to cover the piece with Mod Podge which is a kind of glue product. Then I sprinkled with iridescent glitter over all. The effect was really wintry.

Now the fun, part assembling my vignette. I layered battery powered mini lights in the bottom of my clean jar. I placed a small amount of sphagnum moss in the bottom. I set the barn in place and started to arrange some trees in the scene. I chose a variety of bottle brush trees and a few clear plastic trees. After looking at the jar from all angles to make sure it looked like a happy place I began to add some snow. My snow was epsom salt which can be easily purchased at a drug store.

I added a bit of string and some bells to the jar lid for that extra Christmas touch.

I made a signature drink for Winter Craft 2018. I called it a Craftini! I was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest but made up my own ingredients.

They loved, that I had a craftini waiting for them. They also enjoyed spending time crafting in our jammies.

From the left you can see my whitewashed winter scene with string and bells attached to the jar top. In the center is Karen’s more brightly colored farm. To the right is Jody’s colonial house whitewashed and glittered until she said it was perfect. Notice the girls use of picket fence in their vignettes. They look super cute!

The village scene under glass was a hit with my girlfriends Karen and Jody . They had a great time painting and creating a vignette that suited their imaginations. We listened to Christmas music had wonderful appetizers and wore pajama’s  and slippers! 

Can you imagine living in this little winter scene?

Would you like to know what’s in a Craftini?

Here is the recipe.

You will need glass ornaments washed with hot soapy water and rinsed well.

A glass that fits and shows off your ornament. I used margarita glasses.

2 lime slices per glass

ice cubes with fresh cranberries 

1 part vodka of your choice. I used Absolute

1 part cranberry juice. I used Ocean Spray diet 100% cranberry juice 

2 parts Ginger Beer which is non alcoholic for the effervescent bubbles

I poured the vodka and cranberry juice in the ornament and set in chilled margaritas glasses that were rimmed in sugar. Each glass contained 2 slices of lime and cranberry ice cubes. After presenting the glass to the recipient, the recipient pours the ornament into the glass and tops off with ginger beer.

 Cheers to 2019 and all that it will bring. I’m thankful for every blessing and the precious people in my life.

Winter in a jar. It is after all, the most wonderful time of the year!

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