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Speedwell Quilt part two the Quilting and the Binding

The quilt top was finished in the first couple weeks of October. See my first blog post about putting it together in part one, the pattern link is included.

The quilt top is laying across the plaid backing. I have plenty of fabric to pin onto my leaders for quilting the three layers together.

It was quilted around the third week.

The quilt is loaded in the frame for quilting. I used wool batting, 100% cotton fabrics collected during the last twenty years.
The first design pass. Oak leaves and acorns.

Binding was applied in the third week also. I didn’t get the binding completed until the end of December. Thats what quilting is like. A lot of family responsibilities come first and quilting gets pushed aside as a hobby. Thank goodness quilting is patient and quietly waits for me to return.

I had a lot of the plaid backing fabric so I used it for the binding. I like seeing it on the front of the quilt. It’s another design element that is not in the patchwork. The plaid contains a lot of the same colors and is in a medium scale so I think it really pulls all the fabrics together nicely.
Piled cotton, and wool, goodness!
Machine stitching the binding to the front of quilt. It’s my preparation for hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt.

I really enjoy the hand stitching portion of my quilts. It’s relaxing, rhythmic, routine, and the very best cuddle time with my two Yorkshire terriers.

He can’t wait for me to set myself up for quilting. He jumps on top of my folded quilt.

Usually Im able to bind a quilt more quickly than the speedwell quilt. I made the effort and dragged this quilt along on many outings.

I never had time to sit and stitch on any of the outings. It was not from lack of trying.

Planning travel with your projects is always a good idea. You need a little supply kit and a sturdy bag. I find that I can get a lot of stitching done when I wait for kids and parents at appointments. Or when watching a show.

Hey maybe I should do a blog post on how to travel with quilts? Well this one is ready for a cold wash and warm dry. Then it will be put into rotation for household use. I’m sure I’ll feature the quilt during the fall months. It’s a keeper and big enough for me my husband and two little dogs to cuddle and be warm.

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