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Through The Ivy Covered Window‘s Garden Salsa

Lots of herbs and ripe tomatoes mean it’s time to make fresh garden salsa. I love summer cooking recipes and this one is great spooned over grilled chicken, scrambled eggs, nachos, hot dogs, or almost anything . Here is the recipe I came up with based on what I had in my garden. Lucky for me my neighbor had about 75 tomatoes ripening on the vine, and they were happy to share a few with me.


Garden Salsa

1/2 cup lime juice

4 scotch bonnet peppers. They were kind of tiny and hot.

1 red heirloom chili pepper also tiny.

1 red pepper large and sweet

1 red onion

15 ripe Roma tomatoes

5 cloves of garlic

1 large bunch of cilantro. Chopped up, the bunch equals about 2 cups.

1/3 cup fresh oregano

1/3 cup fresh chives. If you don’t have chives substitute with green onion.

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp black pepper

2 tsp sugar or Splenda. I used Splenda because that was in my sugar bowl.


Starting with the herbs and garlic pulse several times in a food processor. Empty herbs into a large bowl. Rough chop red onion, then pulse in the food processor a few times until small dice is achieved and empty into the bowl. Follow the same procedure for red pepper, and small hot peppers. I removed all of the seeds from the peppers  and tomatoes before adding them to the food processor. For the tomatoes I roughly chopped, then pulsed a few tomatoes at a time, (in the food processor) because I didn’t want them liquified just diced. Add tomatoes, dry spices and lime juice to the bowl and  mix with a large spoon. Taste so you can add more spices if necessary.

I made enough salsa for the family to eat and a container for the freezer. Although the second container is not likely to make it to the freezer. I yielded about 6 cups of salsa.

Add in ideas that would give the recipe variety are:

1 cup chopped small fresh pineapple

1 cup chopped green olives

1 cup chopped fresh sweet cherries

Only use one of the above ingredients to create a fresh take on this Salsa recipe.



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